Is it possible to order trophies online?

We don't offer online shopping for most trophies and awards because we think you deserve better.We know many of the awards we build and engrave will be kept for a lifetime. A purchase that important demands a more personal interaction than just a few  mouse clicks.At the same time, we know online service is a convenience. We do welcome your orders via email.The best way to select awards is to visit our 2000 square foot showroom, browse our displays, and flip through our supplier catalogs.If you're simply not able to come to our store, because of time or distance, we offer a complimentary concierge service. Just call us, email us or message us on social media. Give us your email address, the type and number of trophies/awards you need, your award budget and the date you need the completed awards. We will research the options to best fit your needs and reply back to you within 72 hours with our recommendations.Once you select the trophies/awards you prefer, simply email us with your preference along with the information you want engraved. We will produce your item(s) and ship your order to you, or notify you when your order is ready for pick up in our store.

Do you engrave on metal?

Yes!  We can engrave on all types of metals. At the present time we are not offering engraving on rings, but we can  engrave most other flat jewelry items.

Do you engrave on items I purchase elsewhere or items I already own?

Generally, yes! Before we say we can absolutely engrave on any customer-provided item, we always ask to see the item first, but with our expanded engraving capabilities we are able to engrave almost any material that will fit in our equipment.  We work with machines. Sometimes glitches occur during the engraving process. Customers who bring in items for us to engrave need to be aware that we bear no responsiblity for errors that might occur or subsequent damage to your items. 

Can I get an item engraved today?

While same day service may be available, it should never be expected. We do our best to complete projects in accordance with the needs of our customers. However, we value each and every one of our customers and prefer not to delay one customer's order because another customer waited to the last minute to make a purchase. We reserve the right to assess a rush charge of at least $25 to any orders requiring same day production.